Hasty Painted Jar Project

On Friday, I mentioned that I had gotten inspired to try a project I’ve often seen on Pintrest and other places-painting the inside of clear glass jars to create a colorful container for flowers, pens, or anything else! I decided that a painted jar would be a perfect accessory to hold pens and pencils, or maybe some flowers on my desk which is sadly in need of some character.

I had a box of old Mason jars that I had found a a garage sale a while ago. All I needed was some paint! I think regular acrylic paint would work, but I decided to use acrylic paint that was especially for glass, so it wouldn’t chip or peel. I picked this sunny yellow.


I used a little over half of the bottle of paint to cover the entire jar. I ended up using a large paintbrush to spread the paint around the entire interior of the jar, since this particular paint just kind of sat where I had squeezed it.


I turned it upside down on a cookie sheet covered in plastic wrap to catch any drips, then I finished up the drying with a hair dryer, since I was impatient.


It turned out very pretty, exactly like I wanted! I was so excited, until I dropped a pencil in to see how it would look.


Oops. My lovely jar is almost too tall for the pencil, and you can see that my marker would completely disappear if I put it in! All I had thought about was the fact that I was so glad that I actually had Mason jars on hand, that I didn’t stop to make sure they were right for the project.

However, the deed was done, so I figured I should find a way to make it work! I cut some pieces of thick cardboard, and stacked them in the bottom. Now, when I put pens and pencils in, I will be able to get them back out!


Overall, I’m very happy with the way it turned out. Although the jar is bigger than I really needed, it still works on my desk. And the painting itself was very easy and quick!


How about you? Have you had any funny crafting mishaps lately?


11 thoughts on “Hasty Painted Jar Project

  1. So glad you did this and shared the results! I want to try painting wine bottles for decoration or holding flowers, but the mason jars seem like they’re super easy to paint. Love this!

    • Wine bottle would probably work too, you might need paint that was thinner so you didn’t have to try to spread it out with a brush, as that would be a bit difficult! They would be pretty as flower vases 🙂

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