The Desk Makeover is Complete!

This weekend, I put together the last few items I needed for my desk, and set it all up! I’m so happy with the final results. Here’s the before and after!

I posted a tutorial for the fabric covered boxes, and related my adventures with the painted jar. For the second fabric covered box, I didn’t use a lid, so that I could fill it with things I needed to get to easily.

I keep my notebooks and textbooks in the shelf above the desk so they’re only an arm’s reach away.

The final project was adding the lace and ribbon to my plain lampshade. It’s just a little thing, but it gives the lamp more character. I found the whiteboard and magnets on clearance at OfficeMax, the whole set was only $5. It will be handy for making lists or writing reminders for myself.

I can’t wait to sit down to work and study at my new desk. And blog, of course! I’m so glad I was able to take the things I already had and spice them up, and make a few simple accessories with other items I had on hand. It’s definitely worthwhile to apply a little creativity and DIY spirit to the spaces around us to make them more fabulous!

What about you? Have you redecorated recently, or are there spaces in your home that could be more fabulous? Do you have any ideas for DIY projects to help you? I can’t wait to hear your ideas!


18 thoughts on “The Desk Makeover is Complete!

  1. I love your desk especially all the yellow!!! And I just love how you painted the mason jar to use for you pencil holder! I’m in the process too of redoing my work space so thank you for posting some great ideas!
    Have a wonderful day!

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