Simple Bright Pink


This bright pink skirt is a vintage find from Goodwill. I think the last three outfits I’ve posted have had thrifted elements, but a lot of my closet contains pieces found at thrift stores and garage sales. There’s so many treasures to be found without having to spend alot of money! Fabulous!

When I wear my hair like this, I always get comments on how complicated it looks, but it’s really very easy. I just French braid my hair all the way down, and flip the tail under the part of the braid that’s against my head. A few bobby pins and some hair spray, and it’s done! This works for a variety of lengths, and is perfect for the days when you don’t want to spend alot of time blowdrying and ironing your hair.





14 thoughts on “Simple Bright Pink

  1. I have to agree that thrifting is great on the wallet AND I end up with clothes no one else owns–how awesome is that? It’s such a great, on-trend vibrant color… I’m a little jealous. (:

  2. Love that pink skirt! I need to start browsing more thrift stores! And my babysitter used to do my hair like that ALL THE TIME! Sometimes she would attach a big bow at the bottom! πŸ™‚

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