Fun Fabric Hairbow Tutorial

My mom put hairbows on me all the time when I was little, and I’m still wearing them today! Bows are a great way to add a bit of femininity to a look, here’s a bit of inspiration from Pinterest:

Bows are easy to incorporate into your hair, like in the styles above, with a ponytail, a braid, or half-up style. But, bows are even better when you make them yourself! It’s super easy to make your perfect bow in any size, shape, and fabric. Here’s how!

What you’ll need:

  • A piece of fabric three times as long and three times as wide as you want your finished bow to be.
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Needle and thread to match the fabric (If you don’t have a needle and thread, you can do this with craft glue)
  • A bobby pin or barrette

Now here’s the tutorial! Start with your rectangle of fabric.

1. Mark the middle of each of the short ends of the rectangle with pins

2. Fold the long sides toward the middle as marked by the pins. Overlap the edges a little bit. Do not iron these folds, or the bow will end up too flat.

3. Fold over the short ends about ½ an inch, and do iron these folds!

4. Fold these short ends to the middle. I marked the middle with a pin to keep myself straight!

5. Take a small rectangle twice as wide as you want the middle of the bow to be. The length is not terribly important. Fold the long sides to the middle and iron them in place. Set this piece aside for now.

6. Before this step, you will want to have your needle threaded, or the glue ready. Pinch the middle of the bow into several pleats. The fuller you want your bow to be, the smaller these pleats should be. Below is a picture just as I’m starting this step, and when it is all the way pleated.

7. Take your needle, and take several stitches through all the pleats.If you’re using glue, you will want to put some in between each pleat to hold them together. When the stitching is done, it should look something like this:

8. Using the small piece of fabric, wrap it around the stitched portion, and secure it with a few more stiches.

9. Your bow looks done now, but you need a way to wear it in your hair! Using the same thread, take several long stitches in two places on the middle of the bow. Slide the bobby pin through these loops. The picture makes more sense! If you’re using glue, just glue the bobby pin in place.

Now it’s done! Experiment with more or less fabric folded looser or tighter to create different style of bow. Any fabric will work!

Here’s a few more of the bows I’ve made. Sorry this picture didn’t turn out as well.

I wore the largest bow the other day with this braided hairstyle. It was definitely a little out of my usual comfort zone, but it was fun!

What about you? Would you wear any kind of hairbow? What is your favorite hair accessory?


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