Trying to be Creative

I have quite a few clothes filling my closet, but I find myself wearing the same outfit combinations again and again. I’ve been trying to mix things up, and try to style outfits differently! My mom brought this cute dress home from a garage sale on Saturday, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try changing up accessories to create a both a dressy and more casual look.

First, the dressy styling:

I wore my white patent leather heels, sparkly earrings, and silver bracelets to give a dressier touch to the dress. I curled my hair a bit and threw on some bright pink lipstick for a final fun touch.

And now for a more casual take:

Here, I wore some of my favorite shoes, these fun yellow wedges and orange-y red purse to pick up on some of the colors in the dress. I put my hair back and did more natural makeup to help with the casual look.

It was fun to challenge myself to come up with two different looks for this dress. It’s so summery, I’m almost glad the heat will be around awhile longer so that I can wear it some more!

Although they are simple touches, I’m discovering that changing up accessories like shoes and jewelery make a big difference in making outfits more versatile.

What about all of you? What do you do to change how you style outfits to add more variety to your wardrobe?


21 thoughts on “Trying to be Creative

  1. Both great looks! It’s amazing how transformative accessories can be 🙂 The second look is my fav, perfect for summer. Anytime I want to add versatility to my wardrobe I try to get a little creative too. I threw a tshirt on over a dress and belted it and found a new way to wear my favorite dress, I was super excited to increase the versatility of my dress and my tee 🙂


  2. That dress is SO cute! I love both ways you styled it. I think you hit the nail on the head by realizing that accessories are the best way to really change up a look 🙂


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