Made to Last

I’ve loved sewing my own clothes ever since I made my first dress with my Mom’s help when I was only 12. Unfortunately, making my own clothes doesn’t always mean saving money. I live in a pretty small town, and while we do have a couple of fabric stores, there’s no kind of discount fabric store, or other thrift store that sells fabric. So, in many cases, making an item of clothing costs as much as buying it new. Of course, I don’t want to spend a ton of money to sew clothes, so I do my best to buy fabric on sale or on clearance, and I also keep an eye out for thrift finds that I can use my skills to alter or remake.

So, I don’t really sew to save money, but rather for my own enjoyment, and the satisfaction of wearing an item that I made just for me. Since sewing my own clothes is an investment in terms of both money and time, I do my best to sew things that will stand the test of time. This means choosing classic and versatile silhouettes that I can wear for several years in a number of ways. It also means taking my time and making sure that the garment I sew is the best quality that I can produce.


I made this dress two years ago for Easter. I chose a classic, swirly circle skirt silhouette, and I still feel stylish in it! I loved the print of this fabric, as it is light enough for spring and summer, but can be paired with brown or darker accessories to transition well to fall.

If you sew, what are your goals in making clothes? If not, what kind of criteria  (if any) do you apply to garments you are considering buying?



5 thoughts on “Made to Last

  1. You are so talented! I’m impressed yet again with your sewing capabilities. This dress is perfect for Easter and it’s also great for fall…throw on tights and a jacket and you’ve got a great fall ensemble!


  2. It’s so awesome that you can sew! Its such a useful talent. My mom used to make all our halloween costumes and even some prom dresses! I can imagine that she probably saved a lot of money doing that. If I could sew I would love to create unique pieces that I couldn’t find in stores. Cute dress!

  3. What a pretty dress – and I am jealous of your talent! I tried my hand at sewing in HS, but I ended up with a bunch of terrible stretchy skirts. Who knew that once I had the option of choosing any fabric I wanted, I couldn’t make up my mind?!

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