High Five for Friday

Hello everyone! It’s been a super busy week, there’s alot going on at the beginning of the semester. I’ve been running between classes, meetings, and work all week! I haven’t been able to blog as much this week, but hopefully things will settle down soon.

Here are some highlights from my week. I’m linking up with Lauren today, head over to her blog to see more fun H54F posts!

1. This past weekend, my family and I went to an outdoor concert that our local symphony does every summer. The weather actually wasn’t super hot, and it was a lovely evening! Here’s a picture of my sister and I there!

2. I have the sweetest brothers in the whole world. Whenever I’m sad or stressed, the youngest one runs outside and picks me a flower. I was upset over something this week, and as soon as he saw me crying, he appeared with these pretty yellow flowers. It made me feel better right away 🙂

3. I love Ted Dekker, and was so excited to find this at the library! And no, I don’t need the large print, that was just the version of the book the library happened to have!

4. Whoops, forgot to Instagram this one. I was attempting to multitask by blogging while I was doing my homework. Not entirely successful… I did get the homework done, but as I said, I was a bit absent in blog world this week!

5. More flowers! This was a centerpiece my dad put together for my Mom’s birthday party last weekend. He’s so talented, and I just loved the colors and arrangement of all the little vases.

I hope everyone had a good week! Any fabulous plans for the long weekend?


5 thoughts on “High Five for Friday

  1. I always love reading your Friday posts! That dress in the first pic looks gorgeous on you, such a pretty color. And how sweet of your brother to always pick you flowers…so cute! I don’t have much planned for the weekend but that’s a good thing, I am in much need of some rest.


  2. You and your sister look so much alike. Your dad is indeed talented the arrangement is beautiful. Hope things settle down soon so you can keep blogging!

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