High Five for Friday

Linking up with Lauren for today’s post!

Whew, this week has been crazy! Projects, exams, homework, and a sinus infection have made me more than ready for the weekend. In spite of everything, there were some bright spots in the week!


1. We celebrated my youngest brother’s birthday this week! The best part of the party was my mom’s homemade vanilla cake and dark chocolate icing. Yum!

2. I’ve seen glitter gradient nails on Pinterest, and decided to try it our for myself! I’m very please with the results!

3. I came home from school to find my October issue of InStyle in the mail! I’m definitely going to take a break from homework to pour over it this weekend.

4. I already posted about my family’s Memphis day trip, but the moment from this picture makes me laugh! I really wanted a picture on the trolley tracks for some reason. As we were snapping the picture, the trolley was bearing down on us! The rest of the family were just shaking their heads at me.

5. This is the second youngest of my brothers. He’s great 🙂


So, what made you smile this week? What are you doing to make your weekend fabulous?

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