Pumpkin Patch!

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! I had a fantastic weekend full of new experiences and fun times with friends. To cap it off, my family and I went to a farm in our area to choose some pumpkins as fall decorations!

The owners of the farm had all kinds of displays set up for all the different kinds of pumpkins and gourds. It was all so pretty, and a confirmation that fall is definitely here!



Ok, enough pumpkin pictures! (But aren’t they pretty?) I have some plans for fun DIY decorations with them, if I can carve out enough time between studying and work!

Do you like to decorate for fall? What are some of your plans this year?


7 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch!

  1. Love all the pumpkins! I would love to go to a pumpkin patch! Hmmm maybe this weekend πŸ˜€ I love decorating for Fall and I had a fun time decorating our mantel. I wanted to decorate for Halloween too, but I just don’t have a lot of time and I’m working with a strict budget right now. Maybe next year though. A favorite, very simple fall DIY i did was a burlap garland ! I can use it year after year!! Hope you have a great week!
    -Kristen@ fewofmyfavoritethingsblog.blogspot.com

  2. So jealous you get to visit a pumpkin patch. Pumpkin are a rare find on these tropical countries. It looks like a lovely time. I would love to carve a pumpkin.

  3. i can’t wait to get to a pumpkin patch! I actually saw a really neat DIY for creating a planter out of a hollowed out pumpkin. You just cut off the top, hollow it out and place some potted mums inside. i’m thinking of trying it for an outside decoration, everyone in the neighborhood is already decorated for Halloween but we’re behind. Can’t wait to see what DIY projects you come up with!


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