In the Engineering Lab

Last night I was setting up part of a project in the lab at school. As an engineering major, I often find myself spending quite a bit of time in the lab setting up one project or another!
 photo 88E10783-5BB6-4618-BDBF-53C53407FE9C-11784-00000487E1E77E0D_zps1a814394.jpg

It can be rough trying to be stylish and make life fabulous in the often drab and strictly practical world of engineering. But I try!

It helps to wear my cute new sweater I found on clearance at Target. (Who doesn’t love Target clearance?)

 photo 8C0322CC-84F8-44A5-9196-7EFE4ECDB1C4-11784-00000487DC909DAA_zpsbf806464.jpg

It also helps to draw circuit diagrams on cute Post-It notes, even if it does get me some odd looks from the guys I work with! 😛

 photo 1565DE8F-C92C-47DE-AC6D-EE9397FD5FC1-11784-00000487CDBD7188_zps46f7e90f.jpg
What are small ways you find to make your school, work, or home more fun and fabulous? I’d love more ideas! Have a lovely Monday everyone!


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