Easy Fabric Flower Tutorial

Happy Monday everyone! I love making pretty little things with fabric, and flowers are some of my favorites! I make a variety of fabric flowers, but these are some of the easiest and fastest. You can whip up a whole bouquet in an hour.

Here’s how to make a lovely flower of your own:

For each flower you need fabric (I love to use fat quarters!), matching thread, pins, a needle, and fabric scissors.

 photo IMG_0540_zpsfda85f1b.jpg
1. Cut round pieces of fabric, and cut petals into them. You need 8 larger rounds, and two smaller ones. The size of the larger rounds is the size the finished flower will be. Also cut a small square to use as the base of the flower.

 photo IMG_0542_zpsd7fafad1.jpg
2. Fold one of the larger rounds into fourths.

 photo IMG_0543_zps59585e50.jpg
3. Sew it onto the square of fabric with a couple of stiches.

 photo IMG_0545_zpsf8064571.jpg
4. Add three more folded sections. Continue to layer 4 more of the large rounds on top of the first layer.

 photo IMG_0546_zps432a60f0.jpg
5. Squeeze the centers of the smaller sections together, and sew to the middle of the flower.

 photo IMG_0547_zpse5cd30e6.jpg
6. Now the flower is complete, it just has to be fluffed.

 photo IMG_0548_zpsdd5d83a2.jpg
7. Take each of the folded sections, and unfold them so that it creates volume in the fluffy flower.

 photo IMG_0552_zps06165a77.jpg
 photo IMG_0553_zpsd7716bb1.jpg

You’re done! Isn’t pretty? Now make a few more!

 photo IMG_0555_zps91f243e0.jpg


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