About Me

Hi there! I’m so glad you stopped by my blog.

I’m Rachel, a college senior from an amazing big family. If you talk to anyone who knows me, they’lltell   you that one of my favorite words is “Fabulous!” Fabulous things are those that make me and the people I love happy. I especially love fashion, décor, and other pretty things.

My family has never been afraid to apply a do-it-yourself spirit to any project or goal. I’ve grown up learning to sew, craft, and find other creative ways to make life fabulous. If I can’t make something, I like to find an affordable way to follow a trend or make my fashion inspiration a reality!

The most important thing about me is that I am a Christian. I know that my true worth is in Christ, no matter how much I love fashion, beauty, and making new things! I want to use those passions to inspire your creativity and add to the amazing community of bloggers out there.

I’m just starting this blog, but I hope to chronicle my quest to make life fabulous. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share a bit of my life and inspiration with you. I look forward to hearing your comments and ideas.


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